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The former 'North-Hungarian Chemical Works' Ltd. (the Hungarian short form was: ÉMV)
was founded in 1949 as a state-owned company.

In the first time different explosives were produced, later since 1955 other products have been introduced.

In the late 90's it was a large chemical complex with 540 ha area and more than 2800 employees. 80 % of the production went into the COMECON countries.

From 1990 privatization process has commenced.

Some facilities were shut down, herbicide and phosgene based facilities were separated from state-ownership. 

In 1998 Trans-Recources Inc., located in New-York, in May, 1998 acquired in 100 % of North-Hungarian Chemical Works.

Important Steps in the History of North-Hungarian Chemical Works Ltd.:

First development phase Second development phase
1949: Founded as a state-owned company 1998: Restart of phosgene plant
1952: Production of explosives started 1998: New boiler house was built 
1955: Sulfonamides were put into operation 1999: New Diuron/fluometuron plant
1963: Polyurethane profile started 1999: ISO 9001 Accreditation by SGS
1965: Phosgene-based products appeared 1999: Modernization of plants
1966 Formaldehyde plant commissioned 2000: New Pilot Plant was commissioned
1969 :V-1 plant started operation (acetanilide) 2000: Capacity increase of phosgene 
1970: V-2 plant was built (herbicides) 2000: Modernization of labs 
1973: 4000 mT/year phosgene plant (V-3) 2001: ISO 14001 Accreditation by SGS
(chloroformates,thiolcarbamates)  2001: New chlorothiolformate plant 
1982: New plant for TNT and DNT 2001: New thiolcarbamate plant 
1982: Second thios plant (V-4) 2001: Linde CO pipeline 
1985: Isocyanates and urea-type herbicides 2001: New - 45 oC cooling station
1990: Chloroacetanilides (acetochlor ) 2001: New endgas system 
  2006: Liquadtion of ÉMV Ltd.

What we are looking for:

 Long term and reliable partnership
 Cooperation, toll- and custom-manufacturing 
 New business possibilities
 New market areas

What we can offer:

 Factory is located in a heavy-industrial area
 Area: 44 ha ( 108,64 acres)
 Plants: V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4, & Pilot Plant
 Almost each plant was modernized/renewed
 Large storage capacity, appr. 2700 m3 for liquid raw materials, appr. 1500 m3 for end-products in 10-100 m3 tanks and appr. 9100 m2 for solid and drum materials

- cooling: -17 °C and - 35 °C
- steam : quantity: 60 mT/hour, pressure 6-10 bar; temperature >160 °C 
- electricity, industrial water, drinking water, nitrogene supply 2100 MW/hour warm water supply (80/70 Celsius) 3 MWh electric energy production

 Natural gas supply through pipe-line
 Local service for guarding, fire brigade, medical treatment
Local service for waste-water treatment (chemical and biological)
Carbon monoxide supply through pipe-line (expandable unto 1000 m3/hour from LINDE's new CO plant
 Almost 40 years experience in phosgene chemistry
Own, independent phosgene plant
7200 mT/year phosgene capacity which can be increased in case of need
Continuous and batch-wise phosgenation 
Multi-purpose plant (V-2) equipped with several glass-lined reactors (3 - 6,3 m3 , working between - 15 + 150 oC ), centrifuge, e.t.c.
 Pilot Plant (30-2000 liter volume reactors, working between - 35+300 oC )
Possibility of Toll Conversion or Custom Manufacturing
Places for new investments
Empty building (reinforced concrete-structured) with full infrastructure (V-5)
Basic area: 18 m x 58 m, height: 21 m
  Proper handling of dangerous materials (phosgene, chlorine, strong acids, phosphortrichloride, ammonia, carbon monoxide, e.t.c.)
  Rail and road access to raw material and end-product storage parks
  Well-qualified staff

KISCHEMICALS LLC - H-3792. Sajóbábony, Hungary

Contact Persons: 
Tibor Bódi Managing Director 
Tibor Mészáros Business Development Director
Phone: 36-46-549-610
Fax: 36-46-549-618

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